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Standards Updates November 2018

Please see below for the latest updates and progress on our Standards. If you'd like further information on anything identified below please contact Karen.

New Standards Holders in November 2018

Albany Park Limited

PSG Update

Process & Standards Group (PSG)

Providing detailed Governance of the evolution of Origo Standards.

Start-End (Forecast)

Standing Governance Group.

Progress this Month

The PSG last met on 7th November 2018 in London. Input papers and Minutes can be found via the following link:-

Prior to the Plenary PSG Meeting in November, a Focus Session was held to discuss Pension Dashboards from a customer perspective.

Future Milestones

Meeting on 6th February 2019 - Venue tbc.

Meeting on 15th May 2019 - Venue tbc.

Meeting on 21st August 2019 - Conference Call.

Meeting on 4th September 2019 - Conference Call.

Meeting on 6th November 2019 - Venue tbc.

Standards Development

Bulk Transaction History

Development Project to help improve the communication of Transaction History information to support Advisers in being able to provide clients with an up to date view of transactions via their Client Portal, whilst ensuring that it would not have a negative impact on the Product Provider’s core systems (i.e. is scalable).

Start-End (Forecast)

October 2018 - March 2019

Progress this Month

Use Cases were discussed with the Working Group and agreed. Work continues on the Business Requirements Document (BRD) and analysis being undertaken on the handling of Transaction Types.

Future Milestones

Dec 18 : Teleconference to be held on 20th December 2018 to discuss the handling of Transaction Types. BRD to be published to Working Group for review.

Standards Research

Group Risk Research

Research Project to understand the demand for Standards Development in this area and to identify processes that could benefit from their development.

Start-End (Forecast)

September 2018 – November - 2018

Progress this Month

A Problem Definition Report was published to the Research Group and a call was held on 28th November 2018 to agree conclusions and recommendations and confirm the next steps. It was confirmed to recommend to proceed with a Group Risk Standards development.

Future Milestones

Dec 18 : No further research activity. A Group Risk Standards Development project will be raised with Governance Groups, with development activity possibly starting in Q1 2019.

Documents Issued in November 2018

Group Risk Problem Definition Report – Published on 20th November 2018.

Bulk Transaction History Points for Consideration – Published on 7th November 2018.

Bulk Transaction History Use Cases – Published on 7th November 2018.

Standards Published in November 2018

New Business Bonds v3.8 Provisional – Published on 19th November 2018



New Business Endowments v3.8 Provisional – Published on 19th November 2018






Quotes Annuities v3.10 Provisional – Published on 6th November 2018


Quotes Bonds v3.8 Provisional – Published on 19th November 2018



Quotes Endowments v3.8 Provisional – Published on 16th November 2018








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