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The person within a Standards Holder organisation who acts as a point of contact and is responsible for promoting the adoption of Standards within that organisation.
Change Control
The process that governs the management of change to the Origo Standards.
Change Request
A formal request for a change to a Standard, or the development of a new Standard, submitted for approval to Origo. Change Requests may be raised by a user of the Standard or by Origo on behalf of the industry as a result of legislative changes, industry initiatives, internal analysis etc.
Contracted In/Out Money Purchase scheme that is a defined contribution arrangement, under which the employee and employer make tax efficient payments into the employee's personal fund.

Any member of the public or a company representative who has, or wishes to arrange, a contract agreement with a Product Provider.

Commercial and Technical Agreement
Part of Version 1 and 2 of the Legal Framework created to allow Trading Partners to specify the technical and commercial requirements of their bilateral integrations.
Commission processing covers the electronic transfer of information relating to commission which is paid to Advisers by Product Providers. The functions that are covered include electronic commission transfer, similar to statements which accompany a transfer of money, and events that impact the amount of commission being paid.
Commission Reconciliation
The process of reconciling or managing commission in an Adviser business based on money owed, money received and money pending receipt. Some specialist software systems can provide commission reconciliation support.

Individuals or companies using or receiving an approved and released Origo Standard.

Consultancy Charge (CC)
Any form of charge payable by, or on behalf of, an employee to an Adviser firm in respect of advice given, or services provided, by the Adviser firm to the employer or employees in connection with a group personal pension scheme or group stakeholder pension scheme, where those charges have been agreed between the Adviser firm and the employer.
Consultancy Charge Agreement
The agreement between employer and Adviser regarding the structure and level of charges which will be paid for the advice and services undertaken.
Consultancy Charge Instruction (CCI)
An instruction from the employer to the Product Provider to confirm the Consultancy Charge to be facilitated by the Provider and paid to the Adviser firm.  Instructions can be in whichever format a Provider believes is necessary to meet regulations and are acted upon only if proved valid to options supported by the Provider.

A policy or other agreement between a Product Provider and a Client.

Contract Based Scheme
A Group Pension Scheme where the scheme members are all contracted directly to the Product Provider.
Contract Enquiry

General Definition

An online service which allows Advisers to receive from Product Providers up to date policy, contract and valuation information electronically.

Origo Standards Definition

A key contract servicing process that allows enquiries, made by different parties (such as Adviser or client), that are submitted to Product Providers, either directly or via a Third Party Service Provider/Portal. Typical enquiries made against existing contracts would cover different types of valuations, such as fund values, surrender values, paid up valuations.

Client relationship management software enables management of the relationship with the client throughout their lifecycle. (See Back Office System).
Is short for Comma-Separated Values. Most commonly used when transferring information from one system to another such as with Data Download. A CSV file contains values or information separated by a comma. Microsoft Excel can read CSV files.