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Evidence of Customer Agreement Research Group.
All forms of electronic business activities conducted across the internet.
Electronic Data Interchange. The computer (application system) to computer (application system) exchange of structured data for automatic processing.
Electronic Data Interchange For Administration, Commerce and Transport. An international standard designed for the automatic exchange of structured information.
Electronic Message

A business transaction transmitted in an agreed electronic format.

An umbrella term for services on the internet. eServices for Advisers include eCommerce transaction services for handling online business submission, quotes and research.
Transacting and transmitting a proposal for new business online, electronically, usually via a Portal or Extranet service.

A change in the circumstances of a Client or a Contract.

A private or secure electronic network or website which uses internet protocols to share a business information. An Extranet can be viewed as the external part of a company intranet.
Extranet Linking Process
A standard process that defines how Portals and Third Parties link to Product Provider Extranets