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Individual Adviser
This is the registered individual providing the advice to the client/individual/employer.
UK Protection, Pensions and Investment market and any Third Party which has an involvement in this market such as the Data Protection Registrar, Inland Revenue and DSS.
Initial Adviser Charge
Adviser Charges for initial advice or services provided.
Initial Consultancy Charge
A Consultancy Charge for initial advice or services.
Industry Standard Data Dictionary. A dictionary of data items and data formats developed and agreed as standard by the Industry. Also a registered trademark of Origo.
Industry Standard eCommerce Framework. Produced by Origo as a publication repository for all Origo Standards, it provides a framework to ensure consistency across the Standards.
Industry Standard Markup Language. Published as one of Origo's technical Standards, it is a computer language that allows the software developer to define the intentions of an electronic form, but not its presentation.