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Message Security Solution
An overview document that describes the approach a new Trading Partner to the Industry should take to security. It covers data confidentiality, authentication, authorisation, data integrity and non-repudiation.
Message Views
Message views are subsets of an overall Domain Model. They are usually defined according to a particular product, or message type. All the data structures and relationships within a Message View are consistent with those defined in the overall domain. The purpose of the Message Views is to further specify only the data that is relevant to a particular message, rather than using the overall domain that contains data for all products and messages within the functional area.
Message Functional Guideline. A document within the Origo Message Standards that contains the business rules and data content for business messages. Used in some of the older Origo Standards e.g. Edifact Commission.
Message Implementation Guide. A document that defines, at a technical level, the syntax, structure and layout of a particular message, or group of messages. The MIG is typically used by developers when they come to implement a particular message, and often is the main (or only) document that they refer to.
Migration Mapping
Published to assist organisations upgrade to the new versions of Standards. This documentation translates from one version of a Standard to another, and can be done both forwards and backwards. The documentation is in two forms, the first being a guide containing details of each data item in the 'old' version and explains how it is represented in the 'new' version. The second mapping component is an XSLT mapping which can be used to automatically convert from one version to another of the Standards.