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Technical Schedule
A part of each v3 Legal Framework contracts set aside to allow Trading Partners to specify the technical requirements of their bilateral integrations.
Third Party Administrator (TPA)
A company that provides outsourced administration services to Product Providers and typically works on economies of scale.
Origo website users may reply to specific postings to 'Have Your Say' items, further postings may in turn respond to that reply and so on. Such a chain is referred to as a thread. Threads may branch and continue indefinitely. Each thread may be traced back to one initial posting.
A categorisation of News or FAQ's.
This Standard enables the status of a particular transaction to be communicated by a Product Provider to an interested party, such as an Adviser. Tracking can currently be used for monitoring the progress of New Business Submission, and in the future its functionality will extend to Collective Investment 'buy' transactions. It will also be extended to provide early notification of Commission data.
Trading Partner
One of a trading community exchanging business information in an electronic form.
Trust Based Scheme
An Occupational Pension Scheme provided by an employer and overseen by Trustees.
A person, persons or authorised body given the job of looking after money entering a trust on behalf of named or potential beneficiaries. For large occupational schemes there is usually a board of trustees from the employer e.g. the finance director, HR director etc.