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Common Schema Package

A convenient package of schemas needed to implement RDR versions of the Quotes New Business & Tracking Schemas.

v1.3 Origo Message Header (MTG),
v1.4 Origo Data Types Library,
v1.0 SOAP Message Header,
v1.0 Money Laundering,
W3C XML Digital Signature.

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This is version 1.0 of the Common Schema Package which can be used when implementing the RDR versions of the Quotes New Business & Tracking Schemas (providing a complete set of operational schemas).

21 KB
Description: v1.0 Money Laundering Schema
117 KB
Description: v1.4 Origo Data Types Library
10 KB
Description: 1.3 OrigoMessageHeader Schema
14 KB
Description: v1.0 SOAP Message Control Schema
10 KB
Description: W3C XML Digital Signature Schema
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