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About Origo Standards

Origo's Open Standards help you remove costly bespoke integrations with Advisers, Portals, Platforms and Providers, improve your speed to market and reduce your development costs. Established for 25 years they provide the backbone for the exchange and movement of data between organisations for a range of processes including quotation, new business, platform onboarding and valuations.

Origo's Open Standards are developed and maintained by Criterion.

Secure electronic links are critical

We understand the importance of being able to integrate with third parties quickly and we know these links need to be secure and easy to manage.  Origo's Open Standards enable you to employ one framework which will not only make setting up these secure links with third parties easier, it will also significantly reduce the risk and costs involved in doing so.  You'll also save time, as requirements are clear from the outset, and you'll reduce the effort required for ongoing maintenance too. 

Available to platforms, providers, advisers and more

There is a great suite of Open Standards available for uptake, and they support a range of protection, investment and retirement products covering everything from pre-sale quotations and Auto Enrolment to ongoing servicing and remuneration. And, these can be adopted by a range of organisations from Platforms to Scheme Administrators, from Back Office Software providers to Product Providers. Currently there are over 230 organisations registered as part of our Standards Community.

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Ever evolving

As the industry changes, so do Origo's Open Standards. New Open Standards are continuously being developed to address our community's requirements. As well as developing and enhancing our suite of Open Standards we also aim to update, adapt and maintain existing ones to ensure they continue to meet industry, regulatory and business processing requirements.


How to get started with Origo's Open Standards


Step 1: Register for access >

First we invite you to register for access to our Open Standards documents. You will need a Unipass Certificate to register. If you have any questions about our Standards before you register please contact us.

Step 2: Download our Open Standards >

Once registered you can download and use any of the Origo's Open Standards and their supporting documentation.

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Anything else?

We maintain an open resource of supporting Open Standards documentation. These documents will provide you with everything you need. Our Guides will provide you with background and useful information including our End-to-End case studies, implementation guidelines and more. Our Management documents offer useful reference information about how we support and manage our Standards.

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