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Helping you make the most of Origo Standards

We provide a range of documentation to assist and support you when implementing and managing the Origo Open Standards you use. The documents range from outlines and overviews, to best practice and guidance on usage.

Support every step of the way

This information is developed and managed by the Origo Open Standards team, please contact us should you need further advice or support.


Standards Guides

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Standards Overview >


Outlines the Open Standards available and how they can be applied.

Standards Catalogue >


Full list of the Open Standards available, documents and components associated with the publication and more.

Life & Pensions End to End Case Study >


A view of how the Open Standards and services support the end to end process for Life and Pensions organisations.

Platforms end to End Case Study >


How the Open Standards and services support the end to end process for Platform organisations.

Auto Enrolment End To End Case Study >


Comprehensive view of how the Open Standards support the end to end process for Auto Enrolment.

Standards Implementation Guidelines >


How best to implement Origo's Open Standards and best practice for testing messages and message patterns.

Sample Message Types >


Sample list of message types maintained across the Origo community for use in applications which exchange Origo's Open Standard compliant XML messages. The HTTP Message Transmission Guidelines and the SOAP Web Services Architecture provide more details

ID/IDREFs Explained >


Explains IDREFs and their application within Standards. Readers need a basic knowledge of data models, XML and XML Schema.

XML Schema 1.1 and Origo Schemas >


How the new features introduced with XSD 1.1 could benefit the Origo Open Standards community.


Standards Management Documentation


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Publication and Change Policy >


Full details of how Origo's Open Standards are versioned and published, and how change is managed.

Namespaces And Origo Messages >


Policies adopted by the Origo Open Standards holder's community for the use of XML Namespaces within the Origo Standards schemas and associated XML messages.

Schema WSDL Checklist >


A checklist of recommendations and advice for implementing our schemas.

Origo Standards