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Standards Updates April 2018

Please see below for the latest updates and progress on our Standards. If you'd like further information on anything identified below please contact Karen.

New Standards Holders in April 2018

Objectway UK Ltd

PSG Update

Process & Standards Group (PSG)

Providing detailed governance of the evolution of Origo Standards.

Start-End (Forecast)

Standing Governance Group.

Progress this Month

The Process & Standards Group will meet on 16th May in Edinburgh. Input papers have been published and can be found:

The plenary PSG will be preceded by a Focus Session to discuss Open Banking.

Future Milestones

Meeting on 16th May 2018 in Edinburgh

Meeting on 22nd August 2018 by Conference Call

Meeting on 7th November 2018 in London

Standards Development

Medical Underwriting Lists (MULs)

Collaboration with Annuity Provider and Underwriters Forums to adopt the MULs into the Origo Standards Library, providing a route to resolving industry under-licensing of WHO IP.

Start-End (Forecast)

January 2017 - May 2018

Progress this Month

Some email discussions have taken place with those organisations still to sign the Waiver of IP letter, but none conclusive.

Future Milestones

May 18 : Pursue remaining Waiver of IP letters; currently low impact activity for Criterion.

Bulk Valuations Standards

Creating Standards to support Bulk Valuations communications.

Start-End (Forecast)

Dec ember 2017 – June 2018

Progress this Month

Updated project documentation was published to the Working Group (including the Business Requirements Document and Candidate Design) prior to the initial draft deliverables of the Bulk Valuations Standards being shared with the Group.

Future Milestones

May 18 : Discuss initial draft with the Working Group and agree any updates.

Jun 18 : Apply any final updates to the Standard and publish Draft Final version.

Produce End Stage Report once the Draft Final is published.

Legal Framework for GDPR Implementation

Provide a forum for discussing the implementation of GDPR compliant Legal Framework agreements.

Start-End (Forecast)

March 2018 – May 2018

Progress this Month

Liaison with Hogan Lovells over one Provider query.

Future Milestones

May 18 : Identify if there are any items for discussion by the group, and if not, propose to close the group.

Documents Issued in April 2018

Open Banking Focus Session Paper – Published on 26th April 2018

Standards Delivered in April 2018

Flexible Integration Toolkit (FIT) v3.1 – Published on 30th April 2018





Maintain Generic Data v2.2 – Published on 30th April 2018




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