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Standards Updates February 2017

Please see below for the latest updates and progress on our Standards. If you'd like further information on anything identified below please contact Karen.

New Standards Holders in February 2017

Kerr Henderson (Financial Services) Ltd

PSG Update

The last PSG Meeting was held at etc.venues Fenchurch Street in London on 21st February 2017.  All documentation relating to this meeting, including the PSG Focus Session on Investment business, can be downloaded via the following link on our website:-


The next PSG Meeting is scheduled to take place on 17th May 2017.

Standards Update

Medical Underwriting Lists


Origo has received input from Underwriters on their use of World Health Organisation (WHO) ICD-10 Codes.  No further information is required from the WHO at this stage.

Origo is progressing a waiver of Intellectual Property letter to be signed and returned to Origo prior to Origo managing either the Medical Conditions List or the Medications List (that make up the Medical Underwriting Lists).

Origo understands that the Underwriters Forum is finalising the Medications List.

Plans for March:

Origo will look to take ownership of the Medical Underwriting Lists and will work with the Underwriters Forum to finalise the Medications List.

Underwriters Forum teleconferences are scheduled for 1st and 29th March 2017 when the Medical Underwriting Lists will be discussed further.

ISA Impact Assessment Research


The ISA Impact Assessment Report was published to the Working Group at the end of 2016.

Plans for March:

A Change Request has been raised to support the introduction of the Lifetime ISA (LISA) into Origo Standards.  Timescales for implementing any LISA changes are dependent on final regulations and the market response.

Transport Layer Security Digital Signing Research


A teleconference call was held on 14th February 2017 to discuss the Research Report and the recommendations made were accepted by the Group.  The report was also issued to the OTG and PSG.

Plans for March:

Origo will update the Origo Security Solution Guidelines to document that the TLSDS Research project has proved that there is no alternative to using XAdES for eIDAS compliance.  Beyond this, there will be no further activity on this project.

Contract Data Market Context Review Research


Analysis has been completed and a Problem Definition Report is being drafted for internal review.

Plans for March:

The Problem Definition Report will be published to the Research Group and a teleconference call is being arranged for 16th March 2017 to discuss the report, agree recommendations and next steps.

General Data Protection Regulation Research


The Terms of Reference, Project Initiation Document, Project Logs and Project Plan have been set up.

Plans for March:

The GDPR Research Group kick-off meeting will be held on 9th March 2017, to agree the Terms of Reference, following which the analysis will commence.


Documents Issued in February 2017

Platforms and Investment Focus Session - Published on 7th February 2017

CE Transfer Value Split - Published on 7th February 2017

CR PSG Report_15022017 - Published on 15th February 2017

Standards Themes - Published on 20th February 2017

JSON Schema - Published on 20th February 2017

GDPR - Technical Implications - Published on 20th February 2017

Transport Layer Security Digital Signing Research Report - Updated version published on 21st February 2017


PSG Proposals

Offshore Bonds - Published on 7th February 2017

GDPR - Published on 6th February 2017


Standards Delivered in February 2017

Legal Framework v1.0, v2.0 & v3.0 - Published on 27th February 2017

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