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Standards Updates September 2015

Please see below for the latest updates and progress on our Standards. If you'd like further information on anything identified below please contact Karen.

New Standards Holders in September 2015

Matheson Financial Consulting Ltd

PSG Update

The PSG met at Origo's offices in Edinburgh on 2nd September.  The Group agreed a Programme Plan to recommend to the SAC for adoption.  It further agreed key outcomes from the Standards Architecture Review, including the piloting of a new, more responsive Change Management process, and the ceasing of delivery of SOAP-specific Standards artefacts.  It also received an update on Origo's development of an Integration Hub.

Full Minutes and other papers from the meeting can be found here:


The Group's next meeting is on 18th November at Standard Life's offices in London, and will be followed by our annual dinner.

Standards Updates

Contract Enquiry Wraps Transaction History


Finalisation of Draft Final Standards delayed to allow delivery of priority items.

Plans for October:

Begin Finalisation activity.

Evidence of Customer Agreement


The ABI finalised the e-Signature High Level Principles document following comments from the BMA and the GMC.

Plans for October:

The BMA's JGPITC are meeting on Thursday, 8th October when it is expected the HLP document will be signed off.  Stand down this item from project reporting, as ongoing discussions are now part of Origo's BAU industry engagement.

Flexible Integration Toolkit (FIT)


The FIT v3.0 Standards deliverables have been published as Final Standards.

Plans for October:

Publish the remaining FIT supporting documentation.  This will conclude activity on this project.

Standards Architecture Review


Key recommendations, including piloting a new approach to change management for Standards delivery, were agreed at PSG and SAC in September.

Plans for October:

Origo to publish Terms of Reference for the pilot and to publish a revised Change Management Policy document for approval.  Continue to pursue these outcomes directly with PSG and appropriate sub-groups.

Contract Enquiry Pensions and Wraps


A Project Working Group was held in September to provide the group with the opportunity to discuss the proposed solutions for the Contract Enquiry Pension Change Requests.

Origo delivered the remaining solutions for the pensions changes at the end of September.

Plans for October:

Apply the solutions to the Contract Enquiry Pension Standard.

Begin analysis on the proposed solutions for the Contract Enquiry Wrap Standard.

Occupation Data


The ODR Feasibility Report is being finalised for publication and will be published to the Research group in October.

Plans for October:

The ODR Feasibility Report published early October and teleconference call organised for 14th October to discuss.

Client Selected Data Aggregation


A series of one to one interviews were held with members of the CSDA Research Group and notes written up.

Plans for October:

Proceed with CSDA analysis and deliver the initial draft of the CSDA Problem Definition Report.

Documents Issued in September 2015

CSDA Interview Brief - Issued on 1st September 2015

Reference Number Data Items - Issued on 15th September 2015

CEPW Pensions CRs_20150925 - Issued on 25th September 2015

MetLife_Analysis_CR1100 - Issued on 25th September 2015

Bulk Transfers MOU 20150911 - Issued on 15th September 2015

Bulk Transfers Common Transfer Declaration 20150911 - Issued on 15th September 2015

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