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Standards Updates September 2016

Please see below for the latest updates and progress on our Standards. If you'd like further information on anything identified below please contact Karen.

New Standards Holders in September 2016

Hurst Financial Consultancy Ltd

Intellect Design Arena Ltd

Morgan Ash


PSG Update

Origo held a Standards Focus Session, covering Protection.  Outcomes from the session were shared with the PSG at its September meeting, and can be found along with other papers for that day at:


Following agreement with both PSG and SAC, Origo has rolled out its revised Change Management Process for Standards, following a successful pilot.  The revised publication and Change Policy, which now applies to all Standards, can be found at:


Standards Update

Investment Switch and Redirect Notification


A Working Group meeting was held on 21st September 2016 to discuss the minor changes suggested to the Standard by the Working Group.  These changes were then applied to the ISRN Draft A ISRN Standards to produce the Draft Final Standards.

Plans for October:

Publish the ISRN Draft Final Standards to the Origo website.

Medical Underwriting Lists


Origo remains in a protracted dialogue with the World Health Organisation (WHO) to understand the licensing terms for Origo using the Medical Underwriting Lists.

Plans for October:

Confirm licensing terms with the WHO and review with the Annuity Providers.

Change Management Pilot


The PSG reviewed outcomes from the Pilot, and recommended its roll-out to all Origo Standards.  The SAC accepted this recommendation; and the revised Publication and Change Policy has now been published at the following location.

Plans for October:

No further activity.

Current Annuity Details Standards Development


The initial version of the Business Requirements Document (BRD) was issued to the Working Group and a teleconference to discuss the feedback obtained.  The BRD was updated based on that input.

Work also began on the Candidate Design for the new Current Annuity Details Standard.

Plans for October:

Issue an updated version of the BRD to the Working Group in advance of a teleconference to sign off the document.

Continue work on the Candidate Design and share this with the Working Group.

Secondary Annuity Market Quotes New Business Standards Development


The final version of the Quotes New Business Discussion document was issued to the Working Group.

The set of Change Requests raised against the Quotes Standard were shared with the Working Group and a Working Group call held to discuss these.  A cut-off date for Change Requests to be submitted has been set for 31st October 2016.

The approach remains to raise Change Requests against the existing Annuity Standards, develop Solutions and apply them to Provisional Standards.

Plans for October:

Develop Solutions for the Quotes Change Request.

Raise Change Requests against the New Business Standards.

ISA Impact Assessment Research


Origo has identified a Proposer and Seconder for this research.

Plans for October:

Circulate the Terms of Reference to the PSG and form a Research Group.

Begin analysis of ISA support in Origo Standards.

Documents Issued in September 2016

Investment Switch & Redirect Notification Updates to Draft A - Published on 26th September 2016

Change Request Report Quotes Annuities SAM.html - Published on 19th September 2016

Current Annuity Details BRD Response Discussion - Published on 29th September 2016

Standards Delivered in September 2016

Provisional Investment Switch & Redirect Notification v1.0 Draft Final - Published on 30th September 2016


















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